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Asheville North Star Recovery is unique and life-changing recovery center for mature women ages 25 and up.

Asheville North Star Recovery is a healing sanctuary nestled in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. We offer holistic, individualized care for women in recovery from substance abuse, trauma and co-occurring mental health disorders. We provide transitional living with primary care levels of treatment in a safe and sober home that allows women to continue their journey of recovery in an atmosphere of integrity, compassionate honesty and joyful encouragement. Let us support you in reaching the goals of your recovery.

Read more about why our program works. See photographs of the sanctuary we call home. When you are ready to step into a deeper recovery, contact us for more information about our admission process. Regardless of where your path has led you so far, we believe you can find peace, health and joy in your life. Let us provide support on your journey to your North Star.

"For the first time I found a therapist that actually understood addiction and trauma and gently guided me through the healing process."

"After many attempts at recovery both on my own and through rehabilitation centers I found my way to North Star Recovery. I arrived somewhat lost and bewildered at the direction my life had taken. Having been through trauma with no relief from therapy I was somewhat jaded. What about North Star could possibly be different to change my experience and journey in recovery? What I found was a warm, safe place to learn more about myself – a place of inner discovery. The degree of empathy and guidance was immeasurable and allowed me the space to explore myself and learn what it is to live and appreciate the world around me. The recovery staff understand firsthand the struggles on the road to recovery and simply held my hand through the pain and the awakening. For the first time I found a therapist that actually understood addiction and trauma and gently guided me through the healing process. For me the sanctuary, as I like to call it, was a life-changing experience bringing peace and serenity to what was a complicated overwhelming world around me. I am so very grateful."

– A graduate of our program


This is your invitation to a deep and lasting recovery. Now is the time, and we welcome you.

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You will not walk alone.