Asheville North Star Retreats

Welcome to Our Sanctuary

Our retreat house is nestled in a quiet cove of the Newfound Mountains, 15 minutes from downtown Asheville, NC. Look around the house and you will see tasteful and welcoming decor, comfortable furnishings and amenities such as a hot tub and a chef’s kitchen. Look up and see the clear night sky loaded with stars. Look out and see the rich green rolling mountains, they are at once awe inspiring and welcoming. Look down and take in the bountiful beauty of the gardens - herbs to smell and cook with, flowers for enjoyment.

It is our intention that our house become your place of healing retreat. Every effort is made to create a safe space you can relax into the this time of self-inquiry and exploration.

We make room for nourishment, laughter, honesty, tears and epiphany.

To book a relaxing vacation here, visit our AirBnB page.

To create your very own retreat using art, yoga, music or other healing modalities, email

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